About Me

Thank you for your interest in getting to know the people behind HomelyHabitat.

The main writer, DIY’er and gardener here is me, Andy, aka ‘Handy Andy’ which is my blogger name here.
I live in England, United Kingdom and have a passion for home improvement, gardening, technology and pets (as you can probably already tell from the main categories I blog about).

To further expand my knowledge in these areas and to share my ideas and thoughts with others looking for inspiration and designs for their home, I started this blog – and I hope you like it!

My pets, of which I have a dog and a cat, and my greenhouse and raised beds usually keep me busy, although I can never pass up on redecorating or sprucing up a room in the house in order to freshen it up or to change the theme.

Just so you know, HomelyHabitat is not an interior/exterior design company are so I am unable to quote you for any home improvement works, products or designs etc. I am simply a blogger who enjoys home improvement, DIY and gardening as a hobby.